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  2. Blessings,
    This is a nice article. However, I feel that to many are caught up by trying to be the leader, yet, lacking humility not only for the King of Kings, but for one another. Many have said Michael, you could be a great leader brother, I say really, “Why is that?” They say, “Because God is using you in a great way, you just have a way that is unique about you.” I say thank you but I believe that is up to God, for He is the one who will reveal that. Truth is we were made to serve God, not to get caught up in leadership. I ask people, do you think Jesus was burdened with leadership? Of course He wasn’t, He was serving His Father that all may have the opportunity of eternal life in heaven by the grace of God. Jesus wasn’t caught up in the mix of leadership, He served obediently according to His Father’s will, and check it out, He, the King of Kings is the head of the church, Hallelujah! Thank you for sharing and many blessings to you and yours.

    • spiritministries–Very well put. We are unprofitable servants by choice. Jesus said when you have done everything that is required of you consider yourselves unprofitable servants. We don’t have to know everything and do everything. That is why we have the Brethren. Jesus uses each one of us for His purpose. To gather fruit for the Father. The fruit of a righteous life is good fruit.

      brother john

    • Hi! Thanks for your comment. I agree that humility is very important in our faith and everyday lives. Also, faith should come first. We need to focus on our spiritual life and being who God wants us to be and doing what God wants us to do before we turn to leadership. We don’t need to focus on being a leader but by being kind to others and having a strong faith, we can set an example for others. God bless!

  3. That’s right – Jesus is the head. And good leaders know they are also servants of God. Those are the best leaders, those who lead with humility and not to Lord over others. Jesus called his disciples to be leaders. But not all people need the same leadership. We are all different – that is the beauty of Christian community. I believe service and leadership are pretty much inseparable.

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