8 comments on “Seek and You Will Find ~ Matthew 7:7

  1. So true! Some of the most intimate times I have with the Lord are when I am worshiping him in song in the quiteness of my room. Not worshiping ‘expecting’ anything in return, but worshiping just because he is God and worthy of all our praise! Love your post! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Nice post! When one is in relationship with the Lord, it is usually not difficult, or a struggle, or unusual to feel His presence daily. He is always there. He is just waiting for a right response, stemming from a worshipful heart! When we begin to praise God for what He has done, and to worship Him because of who He is, when we love on Him, He will show up. That’s a fact. May the Manifest Presence of the Lord overtake you, as you worship Him in spirit and in truth. I invite you to experience “Wednesday’s Praise and Worship Sessions.” We always enjoy a wonderful time in His presence. God bless you, as you seek the Lord with all of your heart!

    Paulette http://pbus1.wordpress.com/2012/06/06/wednesdays-praise-and-worship-session-18-june-6/

    • Thanks for commenting! That’s so true. Once we have a relationship with God, He will show Himself to us in amazing ways. I will check out your link. God bless!

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